As part of Coventry’s ten year sports strategy (Coventry Sports Network), Coventry, a City of Rugby is a new initiative, unique to Coventry, set up with the aim of promoting rugby (League and Union) and its core values (teamwork, respect, integrity/sportsmanship, enjoyment and discipline) across the city. The ultimate objective behind the project is to establish Coventry as one of the leading cities in the world for every level of the sport by 2023. Organisations in the city that have an interest in the game, are working together to form a coherent framework for the development of the game at all levels – from grassroots to elite, across all age groups. The project’s steering group and strategic co-ordinators will work in the city to connect schools, colleges, universities and communities with local rugby clubs,  for the benefit of both rugby league and union, so that the sport can be seen across all aspects of life in the city.

Coventry has a fantastic history and heritage of Rugby Union dating back to 1874 with Coventry Rugby Club. During their most successful period in the 1960’s and 70’s, the majority of the England National team played for Coventry.  Now with a new Director of Rugby and playing at Butts Park Arena, Coventry are looking to secure promotion to the Championship.

With the arrival of London based, Aviva Premiership side Wasps also now making the city their home since moving up from High Wycombe, we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to seize the moment and inspire the next generation to be part of the game.

From a Rugby League perspective, through Coventry Bears, Coventry also has the only professional Rugby League team in the Midlands and we will work closely with them and the Rugby Football League (RFL) to develop the game at all levels, offering year round rugby in league or union.

With the emergence of the Engage! values programme, the core values of the sports are proven to have a vast range of benefits and create positive impacts on a people’s lives both on and off the pitch. The City of Rugby initiative is working to promote these values as a way of developing healthy, confident young people, whilst also looking to develop the sport and increase participation in it –making it more accessible to women and girls, those with disabilities and those from non-traditional rugby playing backgrounds, engaging every child in Coventry with the game to build a better city.