Coventry, a City of Rugby is an initiative to promote rugby (league and union) and its core values within the city, with the objective of making Coventry one of the leading cities in the world for every level of the sport by 2023 (Rugby’s 200th anniversary).

It is a formal collaboration between all organisations in the city that have an interest in the game. These organisations will work together to form a coherent framework for the development of rugby at all levels.

Coventry, a City of Rugby will not be a separate legal entity but will have a formal governance structure comprising:

The Steering Group is a leadership group drawn from stakeholder organisations engaged in the development of rugby in the city and will meet quarterly. Members of the group hold senior positions within their organisations.  The Chair will be selected by majority vote and will serve for a maximum period of two years in any one term.

The Steering Group will:

  • Determine and endorse the City of Rugby strategy.
  • Review, comment on and approve proposals for development and implementation programmes.
  • Prioritise and monitor implementation.
  • Act as ambassadors for the City of Rugby initiative by attending events and encouraging participation.
  • Procure that their organisations lead and participate in City of Rugby programmes as agreed with the Strategic Co-Ordinator.

The Community Delivery Group comprises representatives of the city’s elite level clubs and National Governing Bodies. Its primary purpose is to share information and co-ordinate programmes. The Group meets monthly.

The Community Delivery Group will:

  • Develop proposals for and co-ordinate delivery of programmes and events.
  • Share information and best practice in community delivery.
  • Maintain a consolidated record of all community programmes.


Engage! Coventry has been commissioned to act as Strategic Co-ordinator of the City of Rugby initiative working closely with the RFU and RFL. The appointment will be subject to approval of the Steering Group on an annual basis.

The Strategic Co-ordinator will:

  • Draft annual strategic priorities for approval by the Steering Group.
  • Organise and minute meetings of the Steering Group, Community Delivery Group and Stakeholder Group.
  • Assume responsibility for strategic oversight and quality of all programmes.
  • Raise funds from grant making bodies and sponsors and support stakeholder organisations in doing so.
  • Organise and manage events.
  • Build a City of Rugby database and manage communications (to include website, social media, e-newsletters, pr etc).