City of Rugby (CoR) is a new initiative set up with the aim of promoting rugby (League and Union) and its core values (teamwork, respect, integrity/sportsmanship, enjoyment and discipline) in the city.

The ultimate objective behind the project is to establish Coventry as one of the leading cities in the world for every level of the game by 2023 – rugby’s 200th

Vision Aim Eight: Rugby and Coventry

For rugby’s core values to make Coventry a better place to live, work, study and visit.

Vision Aim Seven: Rugby Partnerships

To grow and promote rugby in the city through effective rugby partnerships.

Vision Aim Six: Performance Rugby

To develop performance rugby and attract high profile rugby events to the city.

Vision Aim Five: Facilities

To ensure that all of the city’s rugby facilities are modern, of high quality and accessible.

Vision Aim Four: Talent Development

To identify and support gifted and talented rugby players to reach their playing potential.

Vision Aim Three: Coaches, Volunteers and Referees

To increase the number of qualified and experienced club and community rugby coaches, volunteers and referees.

Vision Aim Two: Co-ordinated Development Structures

To implement coherent and co-ordinated structures for participation, coaching and development.

Vision Aim One: Participation

To inspire more people regularly to take part in rugby or adapted formats of the game Strategic Objectives.